About Us

The oriental enterprise was started with the aim of supplying best quality industrial products like valves, water meters and clamps etc. Since its establishment in the year 1986 it is heading continuously for bigger achievements in supplying top quality products to the customers. So far the distributor is dealing with the supply of best brands to the customers like Damesh water meters, Kranti and Darvesh water meters, Balaji valves, Gajanand valves, Prashant polymers and fitting tubes and many other such renowned brands of industrial equipments. Customers can get complete satisfaction regarding the quality of products from us.

Oriental enterprises is supplying industrial water meters, clamps, valves and pipe fittings to customers

Like said earlier we are dealing with the top quality industrial clamps of different types like worm drive mini clip, worm drive serrated clamp, stainless steel clamps, lined clamps, heavy duty clamps etc. Single jet and multi jet water meters for both industrial and domestic needs are also provided to the buyers by oriental enterprises. We are also involved in the supply of industrial valves like brass valves, cast iron valves of various types, ball valves, foot valves and piston valves as well. Apart from it many tube fittings, elbow joints and pipes are also supplied to the customers by us with instant delivery help.

Major brands like Darvesh, Kranti, Damesh, Balaji Valves, Prashant valves, along with Jolly clamps are supplied by oriental enterprises

Brands like Darvesh, Kranti, Damesh, Balaji, Prashant, Jolly and Gajanand are maintained in the stock by the dealer. That is why the quality gets proved automatically owing to the market face of these brands among the customers. So if you are buying the products listed above for your industry then these brands which are supplied by the oriental enterprises to buy industrial products are best. With low maintainace cost you will be able to fetch the maximum benefits by purchasing them at minimal cost from us. We never compromise our quality at any level to earn profit as it also put our reliability in threat zone.

Oriental enterprises is quality distributor of industrial equipments in vivid range with best delivery services

Oriental enterprises not only gives you a good quality of the industrial products in unlimited stock irrespective of the time but at the same times variety as well. You cannot suppose that some products which are not commonly in use will not be maintained by the seller in its stock. We understand the need of customers owing to a great experience in this field. That is why the urgent requirement of uncommon products is also fulfilled very easily so that customer does not find any problem regarding our service quality.

In order to get your order from our website it is important to place it on time, the moment you place an order our team gets active in dispatching your order after checking the quality and working of the product. We never pack a product without checking whether it is working or not to avoid any further inconvenience to the buyers.