Different types of industrial valves from oriental enterprises

Various types of industrial valves that are manufactured by the popular brands are distributed to the customers by Oriental enterprises distributor and seller . It is very easy to purchase any kind of industrial valve be it Gate valve or Pulp valve you can place your order on the website of oriental enterprises. The dealer supplies a wide array of valves as per the requirement of the customers. Whenever you find the need of buying any type of industrial valve just contact with wholesaler of industrial products that is oriental enterprises through its website and place the order online.

Applications of industrial valves that are supplied by oriental enterprises

Industrial valves are having myriads of applications in the automation and other related industries. These valves control the flow of fluid in hydraulic systems and in various others such machines as well. Every valve has its own function some of them maintain the direction while others manage the flow rate of the fluid in a given direction or chamber. Various types of industrial valves are listed below that will help you to understand their function and role in the industry. It is very crucial to select an industrial valve of your need and do not end up choosing a wrong product for you. Following description about the industrial valves along with their size and construction material is going to help you in sifting out the suitable valve according to your requirement.

Varities of valves that are distributed to the buyers by oriental enterprises for industrial requirements

1. Gate valves

These valves allow the smooth flow of liquid or fluid in a hydraulic system when lifted in the upper direction. Usually wedge shape and vary in size as per the requirement of the system and their purpose. It consists of a hand wheel and gate along with gate seat. When this gate is pushed in upward side valve allow the fluid flow in even manner. These are also known as cast iron valve because of the metal used to manufacture them. For example you can purchase Gate valve of design standard API 602, Testing standard API 598, from size 15 mm to 50 mm. Body material of the valve is A105, F11, F22, LF2, F304, F304L, F316, F316L with socket weld end and flange end as well.

2. Ball valves

These Ball valves again impart a good role in the managing fluid flow through a system very aptly. A bowl shaped hollow substance with a hole in between operates the flow of fluid by remaining connected to the pipe hole. When this hole of the hollow shaped valve gets in different position to the pipe hole the flow of fluid gets checked. These valves are made up of Nylon, super duplex and Alloy 20 mainly. You can have full bore, reduced bore and regular bore of the valve from size 15 mm to 50 mm easily from oriental enterprises.

3. Foot valves

Foot valve works on the same principle like that of the check valve often names interchangeably which control the backward flow of the fluid or liquid particularly water in a cylindrical pipe. If fluid tends to ooze out or flow in opposite direction then check valve control this back flow very perfectly.

4. Piston valve

These valves are manufactured for the need of regulating the flow rate of fluid or liquid through a cylindrical tube. These valves are mostly used in the industry to great extent especially in automation units of the industry. For example piston valves with testing standard API 598/ 602 are available for the customers from mentioned platform from size 15 mm to 50 mm easily. Materials A105, F304, F316 are used for the manufacturing of these valves easily.

5. Stainless Steel valves

Stainless steel valves are an umbrella term for different types of valves that are made up of stainless steel material. It includes all ball valves, check valves, gate valves and many other types of industrial valves demanded by the customers as per their need.

6. Bellow seal valve

Such valves play a significant role to prevent to dripping of expensive and dangerous liquid of fluid from the cylindrical source. The other major role of the bellow seal valve is to regulate the flow of liquid when air disturbs the flow rate of the liquid through a pipe. To cap it all whenever there arise a situation to cause a restriction on the air to affect the flow rate of fluid in a given process bellow seal valves are utilized. You can purchase bellow seal valve from 15 mm to 40 mm in size from oriental enterprises. At the same time the valves are having testing design API 602 and testing standard API 598. The material of the valve is A105, F304, and F316.

Why oriental enterprises is best dealer and wholesaler of all types of valves, joints, clamps, water meters and such related items

Oriental enterprises not only serve the customers with industrial valves of best quality but at the same time other products like joints; water meters, clamps etc. can also be purchased by buyers. So whenever you find any scarcity of these products in your industry or workplace just make the online order and the seller is going to deliver it on time. More every product is first subjected to the testing and then only gets packed for the delivery to customers. That is why you can feel free regarding the quality and working status of the given valve or for that matter water meter.

So these are some common types of industrial valves that are manufactured by the various brands of these equipments for the industry. You can purchase any of them in multiple size variations from the oriental enterprises without any hiccup. That is how your need of the various valves can be fulfilled by the best dealer described here. More you will be able to get these valves at your address with best speed.