It is always good to purchase a best quality water meter than buying something which is not giving apt reading. For this purpose you can place an order with oriental enterprises at any time. Quality brands are supplied to the customers by the distributor and seller by keeping the product quality and customer’s expectations in mind. That is why only renowned brands like Darvesh water meters and Damesh water meters are maintained in the stock by the supplier . So to get the quality of the water meters along with best price make sure to purchase from the oriental enterprises only.

Use of water meters for the industrial purposes

The water meters keep a constant watch of the quantity of water that is being used in a given process in the industry. This is because some industrial processes require optimum level of water and extra water can destroy the entire mechanism or process. At the same time to ensure the use of water and stop wasting extra water these water meters plays a crucial role in the industry. At the same time we cannot deny the importance of the water meters for domestic purpose as well. Suppose you are buying a water tank from water supplier and he is giving you any quantity of water because you cannot know aptly about the volume of the water without water meter. In such cases it becomes important to install a water meter in domestic places as well.

Types of water meters that are manufactured for domestic and industrial cause

There are different types of water meters that are manufactured by the various brands for both domestic as well as industrial requirements. The domestic water meters are multi jet type and industrial meters are mostly single jet meters. Here are the different varities of water meters listed below. You can go through the list to check it out that which variety is suitable to meet your purpose of buying a water meter.

1. Mechanically driven Multi jet water meter

These water meters are manufactured by the different brands like Damesh water meters supply multi jet water meters which are highly authentic in reading and also reflect the errors. More the pressure loss is not more than 0.025 to 0.1 MPa in such types of water meters. The meter can work in temperature conditions from 45 degrees C to 90degrees C for cold and hot water meters respectively. For example KBH hot water meter with size varies from 15 mm to 50 mm and IS: 779/1994, ISO: 4064.

2. electromagnetic flow water meter

The electromagnetic character is used by such water meters to measure the quantity of water used. Such water meters are very apt in their working to give you the exact value of the water used in a given period of time and require direct current as well as you can operate them through alternating current as well. These meters are mostly used in pharma firms and petrochemical industry as well. The available size varies from 10 DN to 1000 Dn. You will also get an LED screen for the display of water measuring data and can operate in temperature range up to 1500 C.

3. Magnetically driven multi jet water meter

These water meters are designed for the domestic purpose and differ from the mechanically driven multi get water meters only on the operating force. That is magnetic source to control the working of the meter as compared to the mechanical energy. Magnetically driven multi get water meters can be purchased from oriental enterprises by the customers as per their demand. For example Besto series water meters which are available in sizes from ½” to 2”.

4. Fire hydrant water meters

As the name suggest these types of water meters are used to, measure the flow of water from hydrant system which is used to control the fire at the time of accidents caused by fire. Damesh and Darvesh water meters manufacture these types of water meters for customers’ need which are supplied by the oriental enterprises.

5. Woltman type water meter

Woltman type of water meters are equipped with removable designs and have magnetically driven flange ends. The popular model of Woltman type water meters which is manufactured by the Damesh water meter is DWT.

6. Ultrasonic flow water meters

These water meters are very easy to install at any place without any wiring system and thus preferred by the customers at the most.

7. Single Jet meter

These types of water meters are best suited for the industrial requirements to measure the use of water. You can purchase these single get meters from Oriental enterprises in order to fulfil the demand of your industry at any time.

How to select a water meter for industry and domestic needs

There are mainly two types of water meters that are gain divided into sub types as per the requirement. If you are purchasing a water meter for the domestic purpose you can go with the multi jet water meters which are mechanically as well as magnetically driven. You can select the one which suits your purpose. On the contrary in case of buying a water meter for the industrial purpose mostly single jet water meters are preferred by the customers. So become very wise and smart while choosing an appropriate water meter for your personal or business needs.

Oriental enterprises as best platform for buying water meters

If you have been looted on the name of quality and brand by providing you the local water meters then switch to the oriental enterprises. Best quality products of original brands are directly imported from the stockist and reliable wholesalers to supply them for the customers. As a result of which you will get hundred percent original products from this dealer. Also no delay occurs in the successful delivery of the water meters at customer’s place. That is why oriental enterprise is considered as one of the best dealer and distributor of the industrial equipments which also includes water meters.

Why oriental enterprises for purchasing branded quality water meters

If you will be purchasing water meters from oriental enterprises it will becomes easy to get all types of water meters at this platform. But on the contrary not every seller is keeping different variety of the water meters in their stock. Also all products are supplied by the oriental enterprises to its customers only after successful testing so that apt reading is provided to the customers regarding the consumption of water by water meter. The price of the meters are also a bit lower than other sellers of same brand which is one more positive aspect of buying from this place.